The other day, I went to go and help my sister move out of her flat in Nottingham, before she goes off on a placement to Amsterdam on Saturday, working for Viktor & Rolf - insane jealousy. But luckily for me, this means I'm off to Amsterdam to go and live with her for a month in this crazzzzy apartment. So I'm fully excited for that, especially when some of my friends come out and join. But after some strenuous hard labour (so not my forte) having manoeuvred lord only knows how many boxes - and not to mention that my hat blew off oh so many times, eBay treasure kerching- we went off and looked around the Fashion and Textiles exhibition at Nottingham Trent Uni, looking at the final years work. It was literally so cool, all of the work there was just uhhhhmazing. And the fashion students just looked so awesome - their bedhead effortless chic appearance, doodling in sketchbooks as I walked past, and sipping piping hot coffee looks like a lifestyle I want to be apart of. Aware of the fact one has used far too many adjectives in this post, I shall depart on the note that I went to the Paul Smith store after, and not to check out the clothes, if you get my vibes...
P.S I dyed my hair darker and now look like a vampire


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