Today I resemble a rather sun blushed tomato. Not quite the look I was aiming for, but big up Dartmoor for leaving me with that gift. Since Tuesday, I have been camping in the not so fabulous moors of Dartmoor/HOE (hell on Earth for the uninitiated) and six days later I found myself wearing heels and shopping. Such a strange world. Avoiding clich├ęs, it genuinely was a somewhat unique experience, getting up at 6.30 to go walk through valleys and fall in marshes constantly - such fun. I was fortunate enough not to fall waist deep, unlike one of the boys in the group, but after being with five boys for six days constantly, and the atrocities they came out with- I'm glad to be relieved of it all. Ironically however, I went to go and meet my friend/year 11 prom date (nostalgic moment) Alex, who I hadn't seen for a year, and enjoyed hours of conversation over a delightful Coconut Frap - thanks Alex! And of course, I'm off on my bike later - 81k walking doesn't phase me. But for now, I'm off to go gawp at Lily's (Allen, obviously) uuuuuhmazing Glasto outfits and listen to Sheezus, put my wellies on and go in the garden and jump up and down on my own raving (minus alcohol) pretending I was there. Peace out x


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