I'VE FINISHED MY AS EXAMS WAHOO! I'm genuinely so happy that I have two weeks off of doing nothing - until I go back for A2 (yawn). But the fact I can stay up until 2am on Netflix watching American Horror Story and Game of Thrones, without feeling guilty for not learning about the fall of David Lloyd George excites me more than I can express. Also, appreciate the fact I look like an overtired Chipmunk in these pictures- I came back from my final gold Duke of Edinburgh practice yesterday, where I faced a near death experience (no over-exaggeration) as we walked down the side of a cliff face, hanging to the branches of trees for dear life.
So this morning, I embraced star fishing in my bed until 11pm, and then went off to a car boot sale with the parents, where I ended up buying a Hello Kitty bracelet. My spending habits are getting better - ish. Although I'm saving all money now for Latitude (T minus 51 days). I'm out to a birthday meal with one of my besties this evening, and tomorrow, I'm off to go see Foxes with Megs! Totally spontaneous invitation, but I can't wait! I'm now going to feast upon a bacon sandwich, and stalk Phoebe Lettice's new clothing collection that I have no pennies for. Boo hoo


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