Life's been pretty chilling lately, I've spent the first few days of my Easter holiday messing around with my besties, going on long bike rides, going out for dinner, sleepovers and a lot of laughing. The weather's been amazing too at the minute, allowing my legs to make their first public appearance of the year in shorts- rather rogue in April, I must admit. I'm under this false illusion at the moment, that it's almost summer, but there's the constant torture in my mind to get revising. I've spent the last few days in Oxford with Mom, looking around, and getting some genuine motivation to work- hence I write this on my revision break, whilst having a breather from 'The Power Struggle of the USSR'. I'm trying to bomb through it, with series one to six Dr Who episodes on in the background. So far so good. Evenings are now my chill time away from revision, where I can dance on the roof in my pug socks (as demonstrated so recklessly above) and so this evening I'm partying with friends. I've also got the drive of motivation from my phone that keeps giving me the countdown to Latitude festival (91 DAYS YAY) so everytime I begin to melt into a state of pain and depression from work, I hear a ding on my phone, and I'm happy again. The countdown to summer is well and truly onnnnnn


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