Revision is literally taking over my life, so Kend took me out to get my nails done, the absolute babe.  These photos were from the other day, when I borrowed/stole Dad's Ralph, without parental consent ooooops, and went to go chill with friends. My galaxy trousers are one of my favourite items, that I got for something like £10 in Toppers a few years ago. And I had some weird croissant hairdo going on which I haven't been able to remaster since goddammit. I'm currently sat here, draped with blankets and pyjamas sat outside doing the dreaded 'R' word, whilst catching up on last nights Made in Chelsea, and waiting ever so impatiently for the Courier to deliver my ASOS parcel. That was a random act of madness, when I was up late the other night, and somehow my finger managed to get the mouse to click 'Add to Basket,' and consequently the words 'Pay Now' which I thought I had dreamt, was in fact reality and I am now a few pennies down. Perhaps I should go to bed earlier. I might ride my bike down to the cinema later with friends, and catch one of the new films out, but for now it's back to it- and hurry up Courier!!


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