So this was the second day on my voyage to Paris. And it was literally the best day ever. If you have not seen Moschino's new range of handbags that feature the McDonalds sign on the front, then you seriously need to check them out; because whilst casually meandering through the streets of Paris, I went into this seriously cool store, a somewhat shrine to fashiony things and my ideal heaven, and there stood Jeremy Scott (designer of said cool bags). His smooth American accent made me scream (internally of course, otherwise security would of probs thrown me out lol). I walked up the stairs, and waited patiently as the Peroni and Belvedere Vodka was being distributed freely like leaflets. I literally couldn't stop checking out his outfit, but you just know that any dude who wears classic Ray Ban Wayfarers indoors is a cool dude (on a side note, he did have grillz that he wore on a necklace which was pretty damn awesome) and to my delight as I asked him for a picture, he laughed "Sure" in literally in the most enthusiastic voice ever. I liked Jeremy Scott a lot- he seemed like he had a lot of time to have pictures with fans. I uttered "I love what you're wearing" rather quickly, that he probably didn't hear it, and left him to mingle with the other members surrounding him. And so to calm myself down, I went and bought myself tie dye coloured House of Holland nails, and met the creator of Hello Kitty downstairs, whilst eating cake and drinking from pink water bottles. One does not jest.


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