Holllllla. So these were some pictures from yesterday, when I went to go revise in a field with my friend, in the beaut evening sun. Pretty productive actually- might do my work in fields more often (as long as they don't stink of horse shizzle). Yesterday was actually the first day of the year my legs properly made a public appearance, without me being shunned for looking foolish. I whipped out a really old tea towel-esque skirt that I bought from Urban Outfitters when I was about eleven, just so I could say I owned something from there. My bag/rucksack type thing is actually from a company called Fjallraven Kanken - who I have absolutely 0 idea how you pronounce- and despite it being Swedish, I actually got it from the Lake District. Exotic. And my shoes are a purchase from Copenhagen, when I went there a few years back now. I had this obsession when I was around 13 of wanting to be Danish, because the fashion and the blogging out there is just so darn cool. Albeit the only thing I can say is 'Tak' in Danish, as I saw it written on a bin in McDonalds, but hey ho. And finally, I'm sporting my new Parisian spectacles that are literally my favourite thing at the moment. I just happened to walk past this shop in Paris, and the rest is history. Impulse shopping is my sin. I need to show my new shoes too, on that note of guilty- my friend's cousin designs for ASOS, so she got me a pair, and they little are like a piece of Harajuku artwork on my feet. Gwen Stefani would approve. 


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