I was channeling my inner 'Cara Pose' (Delevingne for those uninitiated about the woman with the worlds best eyebrows) on these pictures, as it was tipping it down, and I was in an exceptionally jovial mood. I love the rain- it makes me think about things. Mom and I have recently embarked upon going for a walk every evening, so I can relieve myself of stresses, and take goofy pictures. I decided to wear my snazzy cheetah creepers. They are one of my favourite pairs of shoes, as I was sat by the side of the pool in Abu Dhabi (practically sweltering in 44 degree heat) and I just decided to get them off eBay. Spontaneity at its finest.  My friends would probably say the sun got to me in that moment, as some of them look at them in disgust and say they refuse to walk with me - joking of course (one hopes) but I love them. 12 squids and worth every penny. Also, my coat is from a charity shop, and is THE warmest thing ever. Bear chic for a bargain! P.S My hat with kitty ears arrived, and I bought a new vintage sequin jacket the other day- hold tiiiiiight, a seriously swag outfit coming soon 


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