Jheeeze did I run inside after I took these photos- the majority of them I was shrivelled up in a ball, and trying to keep my hair in a respectable position. So in a nutshell, it was really cold. But thankfully (or not so much) I've been indoors revising all day. There's only so much I can take in though- I've got 2 days until my history exam, and I'm trying to remember so many dates! So to take a break from it all I took some pictures, and read the new issue of Vogue, whilst eating tapas and discussing Saint Laurent with the mothership. Do excuse the hairdo- or lack of- I call it "my revision bun." It goes up like that whenever I've got some serious revision or essay writing to do, helps me get in the zone you know. I'm gutted the christmas holidays are over- I've spent every night staying up until 2 watching a different film- last night I watched Drinking Buddies, which was good until the end as it just cut off. Somewhat disappointing, but I was too out of it, to evoke this sense of upset, consequently my head hitting the pillow and me dreaming of Prada's "Poeme" optical glasses range. (Birthday in 81 days) P.S I've just noticed everything I am wearing is Topshop, in case you were wondering.


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