One was on hat deliveries again today, giving hats to my friends, for my sisters company 'Blondiebakes.' It resulted in me meeting my friend Beth for a spontaneous cup of tea, and some goofy photos by this nice door. You don't half get some odd looks when your there with a paper cup and crazy trousers standing by a door trying to jazz it out. In light of my snazzy trousers, I bought them from Abu Dhabi last summer, for a seriously cheap price. I feel so cool in them, they have little crystals all over them, and they are just so circus-ish. My air max of course are my babies- I've had them almost two years, and they've got my name on them. They are the comfiest thing I own, and I'm saving the dolla for a Liberty print pair. I'll be sporting my snazzy 'Cat ear' hat the coming weekend, as I'm heading off to London with Momma B to go and see a play, so hold tight. Meow 


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