So these pictures were taken before Christmas- oh so long ago it seems, when Mother and I went on a trip to go and get our wreath. Now as odd and unlucky it may seem sharing talks of Christmas, there is some relevance in this story. This was the day I purchased my golf shoes. Like actual golf shoes. When it comes to charity shops, I love getting clothes and reimbursing them with new life, but when it comes to shoes I'm a tad skeptical. I'd seen these snazzy white and green loafery type things in the corner of my eye, and the Mothership told me to try them on. After a corony with me declaring "I've got no sanitiser!!" and "I don't know who's worn these," I eventually tried them on. And the rest is history (you can see them in the top picture.) I'm yet to sport them out in public, but I think tomorrow could be the day. The moral of this story therefore: man up, and buy golf shoes. Even if you don't play golf or know how to hold the stick thing the right way round.


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