squeezed my feet into size 4 docs (ouch) 
 purchased a neon mac (yolo)
 wore my shoes undone (rebellious)
watched spiderman (well, andrew garfield. oml- perfection) 
embraced nature 
 organised ma shadez 
got wet (brrr)
 chilled in my crib 
 got given this off my sister- BARBZ
 acted like a goof with my friends
wore double denim (retro touch) 
went to a musical festival and mingggled
 posed in a forest
did some more posing (in a mirror) 
fell in love with the clash (new hype: rock the casbah) 
fake tanned! 
bought some short shorts 
acted like a noob 
wore some red lipstick in the sun- cracked my knees when i bent down, ouch :'( 
saw some awesome people 
got hooked on the jam (btw, is malice a real town?) 
played tennis (wimbledon standard) 
 posed at my grandmas
 made new friends:D
 had a water fight- that was awesome. 
 sat on a climbing frame
 hung with friends in the evening sun
 had an awkward hug
 had fun with these gorgeous girls
 wore clothes with strawberries (love strawberries, nom)
bought a ring, didn't i? 
 played tennis in sparkly brogues. why not?
 bought a t shirt with a t-rex on it.
 giggled in the garden
 wore a swimming costume as a top, as you do
hung upside down (that was fun) 
put a quiff in laura's hair!  

 got new spectacles
 went to an american england
 destroyed this
posed in a lift 
 attempted some kind of gym
 tried and failed to do a crab
went to a bbq with my best friends 



  1. Love your style!
    Really like your printed jacket xx

  2. Owowow small shoes sound painful. I am waiting for some Docs I accidentally bought (eBay auction...) to arrive. I hear they're a bitch to break in.
    I watched Spidey too; don't you just wanna knee him in his stupid beautiful face?
    I like the idea of the swimming suit as a top.

    Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  3. you are absolutely gorgeous xx

  4. That girl called Laura is absolutely stunning! You're rather pretty too! x


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