Hey folks, so summer's nearly over now *cry* and I recently got back from my holiday to Italy with my family, so I thought I would share a few pictures from my adventure. So here's what I got up to:
gawped at earth from an awesome view
travelled in style
did some more gawping at the earth
battled the heat just 2 minutes after coming on the plane *hence the pink cheeks*
took pictures underwater! (such an awesome experience)
posed under the sea, as you do
felt the sea breeeeeeze 
smiled at such cool graffiti
ate the mother of all ice-creams (coconut, chocolate, and pistachio)
entered flip flop heaven
saw some odd looking pasta *ahem*
acted like a goof in the streets (what's new?)
blushed at the heart balloon- too cute
saw some abnormally large lemons
posed by vesuvius 
bought some star earrings- hell yeeeeeah
oh hey vesuvius- again, did some more posing
ate this YUMMY pizza
walked through some more streets
pigged out on yet some more ice-cream (i eat a lot) btw it was coconut and amaretti
gazed in awe of the only beach on the coast
read a book- impressive stuff that book was
tasted an italian virgin mojito
took some coastal snaps 
mastered a hand-stand
bought some handmade shoes (carrie bradshaw moment)
wore a neon green dress- rebellllll
these were my shoes being made
went on a visit to Capri- such a great place!!
saw some cute graffiti
was overwhelmed by the number of vespas and motorbikes
ate dinner with one of these lid thingys...
let my hair go all affro-ish
wandered the beautiful streets
saw the biggest pot ever:O
ran up three flights of stairs in those shoes- more difficult that you think
went to visit pompeii- such a breathtaking place
sat in pompeii, and checked my twitter feed
lolled at this poster (the bit under the question) 


  1. Cute pictures, love that flip flop shop! and your blog header is really cute x

  2. lovely photos, that flip flop shop is sooo cute xx


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