WOW. I havn't posted in over a month! That is bad! Sorry dear readers that's it has been so long. Autumn and Winter time always seems to be crazy as I feel rushed off my feet doing exams, performances- but really I love the rush of it all!
I've been doing shows all week, acting, and so the lack of sleep is really taking its toll on me! But keep calm and carry on as they say, because I'm getting dressed up and off out again tonight!
In the photos, there are just some photographs I've taken of the things I've done this month- the latter one's are of a Rihanna concert I went to. It was crazy. I loved it so much! Also, there is a picture of Bonfire Night, with some of the fireworks we let off. 
OOH! And finally, you can see a picture of some Mince Pies going into the fridge. Unbelievably excited for Christmas- it's my favourite time of year!
Anyway, I'm off to go and schedule some blog posts, and watch Love Actually.



  1. Beautiful pictures - love your blog :-)
    Take a look at my blog if you want :-)

  2. love ur dress is very cutee. Im understand what you feel. fall is very bussy season, I hard to posting new blog when I was in college :(



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