In an attempt to have one post that doesn't mention the weather, I'm afraid I can't do that. It was SO cold whilst I was taking these photos, and at one point my bag actually blew off the bench! I went preppy styled today, I think. I felt the urge to pull out one of my favourite pieces of my wardrobe- my big grey cardigan. The cardigan is actually my Mom's, and I've worn it since I was about ten, and it's just one of those beloved things you can't get rid of. It felt weird putting on my brogues, because they're my school shoes you see, and I felt rather peculiar putting school shoes on my feet without my uniform! But anyway, I managed to dig around the house and find my old faux fur jackets from last season, and they are just so comfortable. I got mine both from New Look for bargain prices! Oh, me and my bargains. In much need of a cup of tea, and a curl up in front of the fire tonight- the television is calling my name!


  1. great oufit, looks nice and warm.
    also I really love the font of the title of your blog! x

  2. hey girl I lovee your glasses!

  3. Great outfit! We love your scarf too.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!


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