Hello everyone!

Super cool day today, I got up to an early start, and went shopping with my parents and bought these beauties (the shoes). I love wedges so much, which you can probably tell, as I am always wearing my Acne Atacomas (link), and I thought it would be nice to get some that were peep toe shoes, and I like the fact I can tie up the shoe.
The feather headband was something I wore to the music festival I went to last week, and as I worked my way out of the crowd after watching an artist, random people started stroking it! 

It's not long until school starts now! Arghh! I'm kind of excited to see all of my friends, but the work, well that's another story! I'll try to keep my blogging constant, and there will definitely (i hope) be at least one post a week.
 Bye for now!

P.S SHOUT OUT: To the lovely Olivia and Laura, super cool, super gorgeous! 


  1. i love this outfit, it's so full of character!


  2. Omg this outfit is so adorable, the dress, the cardigan everything!
    my favorite is the hat :]
    I really like your blog! we should Follow eachother!

  3. great shoes!


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