Yesterday I wore this- 
I wanted to go for a casual chic look, but then, with it being summer and all, I wanted to add a little colour.
I went to the cinema with my best friend, and we had a lovely time: seeing "Bridesmaids," a hilarious film, I thought!
What I'm looking forward to right now though, is the countdown to Harry Potter! It's finally come upon us. It's weird to think it will all be over soon! It's all rather sad!

Ooh! Also, I manage to find a bargain the other day! Yipee! As you probably know, from my constant updates, I do love eBay! And a few days ago I managed to find myself a little LBD (little black dress) with some nice gold embellishments. I think it's sounds better if you actually see it! So an outfit post will come soon!

Today has been nice and chilled, I ate bagels and watched some really good programmes!
I love spending my days chilling out, and having no errands or to-do lists to complete! Hoorah!
Life's pretty awesome at the minute! Chilling out, kicking back, having fun with my friends- the other day I went to go and watch a local adaptation on Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors," and I suppose you could say from the title, it was actually quite funny!
I'm not really one to laugh out loud much at television- I tend to do it more in my head. However, this play did actually make me laugh rather a lot! So thumbs up to that!

Anyway, I'm going to go and eat my Oreo's now, and take some snaps!



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