So, this is what I wore yesterday- a reaaaaallly old blouse, a puffy skirt, and some new platforms i bought a few weeks ago! There not as hard to walk as I thought they would be, but saying that, you never know I'll probably fall over now! Haha!
So yesterday, I just chilled with my sister and my friend Laura. We were evaluating there purchases they had just bought (something I love to do- look back at what you have bought, and compliment yourself for buying such a wondrous item). Laura had bought a GORGEOUS yellow skirt, with a large bow on it, and I fell in love with it! I think I might steal it off her! Haha!
My sister had bought some gigantic heels (no exaggeration) that were gold, and snake skin styled! Being as I nearly got cramp trying to get my foot in, i don't think i'll be borrrowing those!

Anyway, TTFN!



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