How are you all? Well, I hope.

Expect a few posts today, and i am awfully sorry for the bad blogging at the minute. School is hectic, and I have just finished all my exams. So now, it's chill time! (a.k.a blog time)

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I am in love with Jil Sander's new Spring/Summer 11 collection! I absolutely love it! I love the contrast of the bright colours and the obscure shapes.
If only I could afford Jil!

Also, the bags in her collection which you can see on the third picture, are rather strange, the red one sort of like a carrier bag! I noticed that H&M's 'Fashion Against Aids,' campaign had designed a bag sort of similar to Sander's one- available in Yellow, Red, and Transparent I think?
I just found one on ebay! So fingers crossed, I can get it!

It's half term this week (yipee) and I have just received a large envelopes order, so I have been busy making them- but whilst doing that I have been constantly watching 90210. It's amazing! I am only on series 2 at the minute, so a long way behind! But I will get there!

Anway, I am off to eat some olives, and read Grazia magazine! 



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