Hello there !
Yes i am still here, still blogging away... it's just that it's been a while though hasn't it? So hectic spring is proving to be, and I have hardly had chance to blog! I have been taking lots of photographs though :) 
I have to mention weather in this post, something that I tend to mention from time to time- but I just had to say how beautiful the weather is at the minute in the UK, 20 odd degrees each day, yes please! Unfortunately, I have had my head shoved in books revising for a while so havn't been as fortuante enough as some to "Catch some rays," but I have been out shopping several times, and have bought some nice things to show you! 

I have noticed recently that bananas are coming in to fashion, and so i purchased myself a nice little banana t-shirt from H&M, which shall be up very soon! 

I went out the other day, when the sun was shining :), and had a nice spree (where we went past this gorgeous deli ^ ), where I brought a Louis Vuitton inspired faux fur tail! I think with some other key rings and jewels to tone it down might just do the trick when I attach it to my bag! 

In the first pictures there is me scoffing one of Starbucks' many fine treats! A rocky-road, lolly thing! I can't quite remember what it was called! Then along with my Caramel Frappucino, (a must have! ) I went to embrace the sunshine, whilst scouring the land for something..."Summery."

I know it's only spring and all in the UK, but it really does feel like summer! And I am afraid that because the weather in the UK is normally rather "grey" shall we put it- I didn't have any other suitable attire than a cable-knit jumper and some skinny jeans- not exactly something I want to wear when it's 23 degrees? But being able to stay in your garden until around nine o clock at the latest, with it still being bright, is rather splendid during spring time, considering last year it snowed in certain areas!

Anyway, I didn't plan this post to be all about the weather! I just thought I would say a little hello, and ooh! What do you think of my new jacket in the last photograph, my Grandma gave it to me the other day, and I have loved it since! It's vintage, and very glitter, so when you move your arm, a whole trail of glitter twinkles to the ground! But hey, I love it! 

Bye Bye for now!


P.S I meant to add, that another post shall be coming shortly about picture two, something I am vey excited about! xx.


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