What am I doing today?
 A bit of Browsing.
 A bit of typing.
  A bit of music! (Glee CD)
A bit of the Sunday Paper.

I love Sundays.
There is just something about them, the fact that you know you can have an amazing lie in, and wake up at eleven, but then stay in bed until a ridiculous hour! 
I mostly look forward to my beverage hour, I like to call it. When, I pour myself a nice cup of tea, pull out the Sunday paper, and get my laptop, and slouch onto the sofa, writing, reading and sipping! The best combination ever! 

I read that Primark have released a new oversized clutch, for under a tenner! Bargain. Perhaps I should invest? I'm not one normally for clutches, I think they area tad too grown up for me, but this one is a sort of white and beige colour whether a leather style blue lining, and a nice gold fasten. 
Next to this image, is a picture of the lovely Tinie Tempah, and his famous black-rimmed spectacles. I love them! I think when I decide its time to say farewell to my large spectacles, perhaps a pair like Tempah's? They are sort of similar to the Grace Woodward style, I think. 

I understand that this post varies in content, and next thing you know I'll be writing about Jessie J or Peter pan collars, but it's a Sunday, i'm allowed to be random :)

In the next few weeks, tragically I shall not be writing much as a have a production to perform in! Whooo! Excited! But I shall try my hardest. I shall be changing the blog around a bit more too, just a warning! But, ooh, what do you think of the new changes at the minute? The circular links down the right hand side of my blog? I thought they were cool.

I have to confess something in this post though. As well as my love for the beatles, and fashion, I am finding myself to be showing symptoms of a "Gleek." Yes, its true, readers. I am a Glee geek (Gleek, get it? Haha.) I have been addicted to watching the whole series one, and am now caught up with the latest episode in series 2, as well as filling my itunes with the Glee soundtrack! I love it. 

Before I depart though, I shall leave you with two tunes I have listened to about 50 times! They're by two artists, I really like! Hope you enjoy!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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