RAVE! <3

 good bye winter wardrobe!

 hello! :)

today, its been a great day, a bit of ballet, a bit of sun, a bit of Beatles. 
Last summer, I got out my Mum's album of "Sargeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band."
I spent literally the whole summer learning the words, and standing on the garden patio, singing into a long wooden brush "Will you still need me? Will you still feed me, When I'm sixty-four?"
I thought I was on the Pyramid stage at Glasto, getting the crowd raving and singing along to each word with me, hands swaying from side to side, and all I can see: a sea of faces, smiling along at me.
How cool would that be?

I'm so excited for summer to come, I want it now! I might pull out the album, and start singing the words again, refresh my memory? 
I've been making myself imagine it's summer already, pulling out my DVD's, lounging on the grass, running around like a little one, oh the joys of summer time...

I can't wait to get my sunnies out, and start catching some rays.
But for now, I'll get back to reality, and just pretend it's all happening, the raving, the late night dancing in the garden, the picnics....   I must stop. I'm filling my head up with summer thoughts.

The pictures were a little reminder about the album cover by the Beatles, lots of lively fresh colours, bright, and enthusiastic.
Bye for now folks,

Just a little something to get you all in the mood...


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