Upon reading a magazine last Sunday, since then, I have been recovering from a certain "Fashion flu," Shall we call it? You see, I came across a designer, that I have stumbled across several times, and each time, I'm finding myself, lost and buried deep within their world. I dote on there latest collection that shows off true talent, and skill, and the ability to combine clashing colours with intricate detail, whilst maintain a completely unique, fresh, confident and stylish look. It is of course: Meadham Kirchhoff. The Spring Summer 11 collection reflects on a certain period to me: my childhood. Therefore below, I have gathered up little items that reflect on the collection, symbolising its colours/textures/patterns, and all pictures are of items from my own childhood.

Just to add though: The whole collection, simply...mesmerising.

This reminds me of the type of accessory that could be on one of Kirchhoff's dresses. 
I edited this image, by mixing it all in and it came out with a kinda cool effect, and I thought it would look cool as a brooch??  

Next is my fossil collection. I used to love fossils, and crystals so much when I was younger and still do! I keep them in a little pot, and gaze at them every now and then, wondering and pondering at their beauty...
I am thinking of starting up a new DIY project, perhaps a necklace, with loads of wire wrapped around a fossil? Me likes!

This  is of course my Spice Girls ring! As a gift, I went to go and see their reunion, and well, it was amazing! I purchased myself this little ring, and put it on every now and then and sing to myself "So, I'll tell you what I want what I really, really want...

This is my little Hello Kitty cuff, that I got from a market in France, the colours and patterns, just remind of the collection :)
Meadham Kirchhoff SS11- a truly inspiring collection.

That's all for now folks (Looney Tunes!)
Da da da da...


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