ooh! only 4 sleeps left! argggghhhh! i'm so excited. i'm literally jumping up and down doing the happy dance (link) right now, i just love christmas. nearly all my presents are wrapped just got my sisters left to do  and i got her some fabulous bits and pieces, i think i might steal them myself!
i managed to get the bovril in the end yesterday, after much persuasion, and you may be pleased to know i found some chocolate too!
Right now it's Vampire Diaries, and tv magazine, hopefully a deli board later if i'm lucky(!)

My sister just kindly painted my nails for me in a new colour I bought from the Clothes Show, from Model's Own called Matt Black, and have had a top coat put on top so they look nice and shiny. I was trying to show my nails in the picture but i didn't want to be too posy and be in some fixed position that showed you exactly how they turned out- instead I thought I would go for a subtle look that doesn't look to rehearsed and zoomed in on my nails.

No change in the weather, then? It's still cold, still snow on the ground, I miss green, I actually do, but I like Snow too. I like the crunch of your boots against it when you walk on the untouched snow. I like it when you write naughty messages in the snow to your sister, I like it when you make a Snowman with your family that ends up looking really deformed, but i love it most when you run back into the warm and  take off your snowy layers to find yourself curled up in a ball by the fire, drinking cups of bovril or hot chocolate, with the smell of your christmas tree wafting through the house, and the flicker of the tv screen come on as you watch your favourite film at Christmas time knowing that you are truly feeling happiness.

Merry Christmas.


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