*warning: lonnnnnnng post.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

(Introduction- Setting the scene)

I am currently sat down on the sofa, by the fire watching it cackle away at me. Anyway, I'm watching Harry Potter, the second one, smiling at how cool he is, and how young he looks. I'm eating Salt & Vinegar crisps, whilst watching Ronald Weasley throw up slugs. Not particularly a good combination together. I'm feeling very Autumny (is that a word?) well, i feel really cosy, sat by the fire, all warm and cosy, watching the leaves fall from the orange trees in the distance, lighting the Pumpkins, drinking Hot Chocolate....Beautiful. Simply B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

From my previous post, you may have been able to gather that I had an amazing time. Earl grey, hot dogs, risottos, lobster, pumpkin soup, Topshop, vila, vintage stores, h&m, the avenue....oh my gosh, where do i stop? 
My inspiration. 
My wonderful adventure that gave me such inspiration, probably too much that i think my head will explode in precisely 2 minutes.
i better hurry then.

I couldn't sleep on sunday night. i had filled myself up with facts from the sunday times, ate sausage sandwiches and toast, and having packed all my stuff, i trotted off to bed, with an enormous grin on my face i think i was going to be sick. It doesn't help that when you want to go to sleep you can't, and when you don't want to, you can't help but drift into a long sleep. Well, i had that problem of not being able to sleep when i needed to, so as a result, I had eye bags seeping down my face the next day. Not good. Having sung nearly every song from the musical 'Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat,' I eventually got to sleep. I will remember to try this technique again in future, and hope it works its charm again. 
Waking up at about 7.00, i think, with the eye bags, i flung myself out of bed and off we travelled to the airport. It was a lovely flight to Denmark, and listening to a bit of Cee-Lo and Paloma Faith, it was a great journey.
Arriving at 1.35, in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, we were ready to begin exploring at 2.30. My adventure would begin. 
On the first day, we went around the streets, shopping and smiling, and then visited the Hard-Rock Cafe for some big treats. I had a large toasted sandwich, with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes (ohhhhh, that's why people say 'can I have a BLT pleease?').
I visited one of the numerous laaaaarge H&M stores and some fabulous boutiques. I went to one store called Vila and saw some amazing leggings that looked like the birds from Miu Miu's SS 1O collection. 
After a long day, exploring, and flying, it was off to bed. After a beautiful creamy hot chocolate, served with a beautiful cube of chocolate... it was night night for the day.
On the second day, we walked. And walked. And guess what else? Walking! We took a boat tour too so technically we didn't walk all day- slight exaggeration there. But the second dayyy was brilliant! I really got to explore the true Copenhagen discovering beautiful places, trying fascinating things, and just having a wonderful experience.
I really discovered on that day, that in Copenhagen, there are A LOT of bicycles. It's just sooo cool! They're everywhere! I really wanted to just hop on and join in and just ride for miles and miles and pretend I was danish and that I lived in Copenhagen.............
Purchasing a danish magazine and buying myself a Mojito (non-alcoholic, of course!) and began to attempt reading the magazine as best as I could. I don't really know much Danish, but it was great to see some of the words from the Danish Language. After that, i played several games of Rummie, Fish and Liar, Liar, Pants on fire. Such funny memories. 
On the final day, which was the most emotional day for me, as I wanted to live in Copenhagen and never leave, we did a little bit more shopping, and I purchased the beautiful turban(as seen above).
I nearly cried, when I had to depart from Copenhagen. It just wasn't fair. I longed to be a Danish citizen and to live in Copenhagen forever and ever and ever and ever and ever....
The departure back to England, precisely 1 hour and 55 minutes (exactly-how amazing was that. We landed at the exact estimated time) and it was not longer until i was back home, and back on my blog. 
I absolutely loved every single second of being in Copenhagen, i had a wonderful time, trying new things (especially trying my first 5 course meal) and discovering what others live like. It was truly fantastic. It was a new experiance- and a brilliant one at that.

Outfit: Dress- Topshop Unique   Turban- Vintage.

I'm off to eat some chocolates and watch Wizards of Waverly Place. Byee!



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