Hello again,

obviously from my title you can gather that it is a summer's day, the sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze, the flowers of happy, the trees are relaxed- but the grass is moaning, because i am lying on it. sorry, grass.
i'm feeling in the mood to dress up as a flower today, but i don't actually have a special "flower costume" as such- oh, hang on, i do have a flower headband with bright yellow petals that poke out from every angle. maybe i could wear that- hmmm, then again, i'll pass.
 but anyway, the other day, i visited a beautiful flower show and took over 600 photos. cool. and as i started to flick through the photos, i realised they were giving me inspiration, telling me colours and styles that go together, making me think what jewellery i could wear with my new stripy skirt i purchased from a second-hand store along with my melissa shoes, and hey presto! i had a new outfit.
it was a great day at the flower show, it was sooo hot and sooo amzing to see all these gardens that people had made using any plants they wanted.







1.) Okay, so i am thinking, for a/w, i could take a green tee, pair it with some burgundy tights and some Prada styled Loafer heels and some gold ( representing the yellow flowers) jewellery.
2.) For this one, i'm imagining, small purple dress, and a green neon watch, to wear as a bracelet.
3.) Wow, this one- i love. from the checkered orange and yellow squares, I think would be great as a silk scarf, and then a camel coloured coat and dress. Simple, yet elegant.
4.) Definately, oversized pink/ white cable knit jumper with a large gold hair piece. Beautiful.
5.) LBD, and large gold ring. Beautiful.
6.) Boho styled green dress, with black tights, and unusual necklaces.

There we go. Finished. Simple ways of how inspiration is key. How flowers can make you think FASHION.


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