! the tale of the ant.

As i see a small curious ant , probably searching for it's lunch strolling on the weathered old brick path by the bushes, in my garden, i think to myself, "Imagine that ant wearing the new Chanel A/W Boots with a Prada dress on their way to a divine London Cafe for a spot of lunch. 
Then taking a trip to Starbucks- grabbing a large Cappuccino so that they can survive the rest of the afternoon at the office listening to the boss go on about how this season's cover of the magazine needs to look perfect and how her new secretary had broken her Mac containing all the appointments of forthcoming catwalks and meetings with Karl, and Marc. Oh no. Luckily she got her friend Bill to show her where the restore button was so she could get all the information back! Yay!
The secretary was new to the fashion world but it didn't take her long to be wearing some vintage chanel flats and carrying a blackberry...
And just when you think everything is starting to get good for the secretary ant, she ended coming to work in the same shoes as the fashiony ant- they both came in the new season's Prada high heeled loafers. But instead of biting each other's heads off about it- they simply laughed and flaunted there shoes around the office and then attended the biggest party of the year when the office hosts and event inviting all designers and both became best friends after that. Yay!

∼The End∼


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