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oh my giddy auntie. shock horror. whoop di-do! hip hip hooray! hoorah! hooray!
i do not know where to start, i am lost for words and believe me that doesn't happen often.

I must say a warning to any readers of this p
ost that is abou
t to follow. I believe it is going to be the world's biggest post that has ever been seen, but why do i warn you? there is a chance you could suffer from purple square eyes- itisus. Just sayin'.

hmm, hmm, hmm, where do I start?
i think i will begin with the most recent a
nd plan back as I will be able to rack my brains more easily that way.

oh, by the way: this is my list of things to get through:

✓Holi- Holidays.
✓The World Cup
✓Unit 12
✓Car boot bargains ( what a suprise)

well, well, well, the other day i was travelling along side my peeps, in boiling weather, you know, how it is at the mo? in my new H&M T
op, with my second- hand shorts, and quirky bow tied in my hair, embracing each second
as I roared through the busy bridges and streets of... ( drum roll please)... Berlin.

and what can i say???

perhaps something along the lines of: es war sehr fantastich
. ( click to translate).
we saw loads and loads and loads of
places like the reichstag, the berlin wall, mc donalds, burger king, the first ever traffic lights in europ
e, you know, the usual stuff you see everyday?

i am thrilled to pieces to say that i actually own my very own german book- and one that i can actually understand. it is called

n'awww; she's so cute.

image via:

anyway, i will continue? i also bought a magazine ( that was English) haha. It is called 'PAPER PLANES ♯3. It is cool.
It is full of weird models in designer clothing and
some random stuff that i don't really understand- but oh well, i like the pictures.
i saw some really trendy people and something really we
ird- we were at the reichstag and there was this guy that I think was justin bieber's double. Freaky.


image via

we did a "fair" bit of shopping, visiting stationary shops, bakery, cake shops, gallore. i bought this really cool sweeties like lo
ok like yellow christmas trees with red, white, and green stripes running through the middle with random sticks
poking out the end with random geomet
rical shapes on.

overall, i love love loved it. ich liebe es. is that right? ✓

therefore, with the words geometrical shap
es, i move on to the word:


where does one begin?
well, we know that geometrical shapes have come in but now were moving on to the "retro- chic-during-the-day look and then
the "i'm so hard with my feminine flo
rals look."

*you will see what i mean in a mo. just need the camera. FLASH.FLASH!

i have noticed that khaki colours are secretly creeping into fashion so i recieved a little gift of a nicely printed khaki t-shirt-that also acts as a dress. Rather splendid!

i love these.


                                                                              image via
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