what's in my basket?

so today, i went exploring and found this second-hand necklace from a car boot.
and my chairs you saw,
and of course my Dotty Cotton shoes.

*all of which were bought at small little places and were bought from 50p to £1.
it is actually quite sad though that no one really tends to sell items out of their boot now, probably because they have got some random umbrella's ☂ and supermarket bags that they can't be bothered to take out so they just lay it all out on a table in front of the car. oh well, i can't complain cos the stuff is still good.

i cannot describe how much i love the food there.
obviously i don't eat second hand food that people sell on little tables- but there are lots of trailers located on the field and whenever we go, we always choose the same one.
i had a cup of tea (no sugar :D) in a plastic cup, and a gorgeouuuuuuus bap with sausages and mushrooms with ketchup inside. if i could eat these forever and not get fat, i would DEFINITELY choose that option!

p.s can i just say, in my defence, if i trip up, it's not my fault. they are higher than they look.


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